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The “Italy Untouched Trip” is possibly some of the greatest travel experiences that are being offered in this merciful place because it gets travelers to some of the nation’s unseen gems. Across the excursion, you will be accompanied by specialist local guides who have an intimate expertise of the region and who are interested to exchange all things they understand with you. You can say that the scenic tour experience is exceptional and is fitting for all group types especially if you want to see every bit of Italy. During the scenic tour, you will have lots of odds to experience everything in Italy and if you want a guided experience, then it can be provided as well. All of the four-star B&B s at which you will stay during the tour have been hand chosen to ensure a friendly personal service, a possibility to sample life as it really is in Italy, and high-quality accommodation. You will be considered as part of the family while also building lifelong friendships during the process.

This is a private tour and can accommodate up to 6 guests at one time. Please contact us for more details and rates for more than 2 guests.

Departure can be any day of the year, please contact for discuss your specific dates.


  • Four-star accommodation in a private room in the pre-selected accommodation
  • Breakfast daily
  • Travel between destinations in a luxury vehicle
  • Professional bilingual local tour guide and driver to assist you 24/7
  • Wine tasting in Chianti area


Day 1: Arrive at Rome - Vatican city and Vatican museum

Land in Rome, the ageless city, to begin an Italian majestic trip you will never forget. You will be retrieved by your trip chauffeur at the airport and will then move you to your accommodation. Our bilingual travel coordinator will be assisting you throughout your total reside in Italy. The b&b lodging where you will be located for the five nights is a plain stone’s throw from the centre of Rome, just a couple of minutes from San Pietro and the Vatican Museum.

Your lodging is thoroughly crafted with specifics from the excellent breakfast room totally to the bedrooms that are furnished with satellite LCD TV, orthopedic mattresses, bathrooms with large showers, and other conveniences that will make your stay a comfy one. There is also a little fridge where to keep your Prosecco cooled!

Day 2: The old city - Trastevere - Roman food and trattorie

Your adventure in Italy will start with a trip on everything that the ancient city of Rome has to offer. Your trip manager will guarantee you delight in the record of this great city, consisting of areas frequently skipped by travelers, including Trastevere, the earliest portion of the city, which has plenty of traditional Trattorie Romane. Delight in quintessential Romane dish while taking pleasure in the ambience of Campo Dei Fiori, amongst Rome’s most enchanting squares.

Day 3: Castelli Romani - Castel Gandolfo - Lakes out of Rome

Your driver will get you up at 9.00 am, and you will use a whole day at the Castelli Romani. This exciting spot has been reputable since the old times because of its flouring agriculture and fertile volcanic land. It has some ancient castles wherein some of them is the summer shelter of the Pope recognized as Castle Gandolfo. The former volcano crater is now inhabited by two lakes: Lake Nemi and Lake Albano. This location was a popular spot for Roman noblemen who came to relax in the cool environment and getaway from the warmth of the Mediterranean summer. The Pope now keeps on this tradition unto this day. After you took pleasure in a fulfilling day, you will be taken back to the B&B some point late in the afternoon or maybe an early evening.

Day 4: The ancient Pompeii

For this day, we will be going south to visit the Roman wreckages of Pompeii which stands near the current of Naples in the Campania region. The well-known site of Pompeii, was ruined by a disastrous explosion of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and a lot of the remains were buried under 4 to 6 m (13 to 20 ft.) Modern historians believe that the Osci or Oscans founded the town in the seventh or sixth century BC but it happened below the domination of Rome in the 4th century BC. It was thought that it ended up being conquered by Rome in 80 BC after the defiance against the Roman Republic became a fruitless one. The city features an Amphitheatre, gymnasium, port, and a complex water system. Throughout its devastation, it had a predicted population of 11,000 occupants. Most died in the abrupt and outrageous eruption, which buried the city under lots of ash and suspended an entire Roman city in time. Your excursion manager will attend at 7 am to get you up and take you south to the city of Pompeii. If we still have time, we might see Amalfi before going back and be landing in Rome in the early evening.

Day 5: Civita di Bagnoreggio - Bracciano's Lake - Castello Orsini Odescalchi

Our tour manager will fetch you from the accommodation after you’re done with breakfast and we will invest the day exploring some of the best spots away from Rome. The first place we’ll be checking out today is the town of Civita di Bagnoregio which means “the town who is going to die”. This town is famous for being located on top of a crumbling volcanic tuff that also overlooks the Tiber river valley. The possibility of a destruction is always there since the plateau’s edges continues to melt because of the erosion which will also take the buildings along with them as soon as the foundations will launch to crumble.

Since 2004, efforts have been underway to reinforce the plateau with steel rods in order to prevent any further loss of the cultural architecture, which spans several centuries. Due to its relative isolation, the Civita di Bagnoregio has been successful in resisting modernization which allowed it to remain unaltered from its original design. The population shows that it only has 12 people throughout the winter season and it increases to not over than 100 during the summer.

Upon going back to Rome, we will be stopping by at Bracciano wherein you will be able to see this gorgeous volcanic lake and is considered to become the 8th largest lake in Italy. The lake is commonly visited by vacationers due to the different water sports it offers and above all, the Castello Orsini-Odescalchi wherein it is well-known as a wedding venue for actors and singers including Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. This is a delightful place to transport a stroll about the lake, visit small-sized waterside villages, and stop for a little Aperitivo or a scenic dinner.

Day 6: Tuscany - Country Side and Agriturismo

After finishing your breakfast and have checked out from the accommodation, our private chauffeur will drive you to north of Tuscany and you will allot 5 nights in there. The mesmerizing “Agritourismo” is the ideal initiating point to explore the rest of Tuscany and it has some of the best facilities and services that will make your stay a relaxing one. This is an oasis in the heart of classic Tuscan countryside.

Day 7: Greve in Chianti - Wine tour among Tuscan Wineries

If you’re a wine enthusiast then this day sure is for you! There will be visits to castles, wineries, and cellars and, of course, plenty of opportunities to sample some stunning Chianti wines. However, it isn’t only limited to wine. You will also transport the chance to make yourselves be familiar with the exceptional extra virgin olive oil of the region. After sampling some fine Chianti wine, we will move on to Greve, home to the much famous butcher and deli shop in the Tuscan region where you can procure the finest produce the region has to offer. Before we head back to your accommodation, we will be making a quick stop at a family run trattoria to enjoy a fabulous Tuscan meal.

Day 8: Firenze - Palazzo Vecchio - Medici places

Your visit to Tuscany won’t be complete if you won’t see Florence, the region’s capital and the birthplace of Renaissance. Our excursion manager will take you to all of the major historical sites. Don’t overlook the Duomo; the Palazzo Vecchio, home to the Medici; and, of course, the world-famous Uffizi art gallery. If you want to recognize more about the interesting art and culture of the city, our trip manager will be obliged to recommend you some of the interesting compact trips that are available.

Day 9: Tuscan Landscape - Loro Cuffiena - Pratomagno

For today, you will have a likelihood of seeing the superb landscape of Tuscany in its total magnificence and explore one of it’s premier attractions, the Pratomagno. This is also the area where Australian traveler Herbert John Louis Hinkler’s struggles to fly from England to Australia came to a disastrous end. The day will commence with a short visit to Loro Ciufenna which is known as a picture-perfect village and the spot where the gorgeous Roman church of Gropina can be located. We will be going through various little medieval villages that are located across the countryside so that we can have the probability of tasting the best of their local produce. Our day will conclude at the summit of the stunning Pratomagno where we will enjoy the scenery and the sunset as we also take part on the delicious aperitivo before dinner.

Day 10: Anghiari - Arezzo - Castelfranco Di Sopra

Today is a day for art and culture. Our journey will begin on one of the most incredible locations in all of Italy and that is the cultural village of Anghiari. From there on, we will go next to Arezzo where we will be getting a look at the works of well-known Renaissance artists such as Giorgio Vasari and Piero della Francesca before we immerse ourselves in the marvelous cathedral and the magnificence of Piazza Grande. As we make our way back from Arezzo, we will be passing along Tuscany’s oldest country road which is “Setteponti,” thus allowing you to soak up the vistas of the countryside in Tuscany. After that, we will have dinner over at the famous pizzeria located in Castelfranco di Sopra.

Day 11: Cinque terre

Right after breakfast, we will say goodbye to Tuscany as we make our way to Cinque Terre discovered in the region of Monterosso al Mare. Here, you will remain at another warm and greeting family-run B&B, with delightful sea perspectives, only 500 meters off of the waterfront. The Moggia family are the ones managing the property and is surrounded by a bright garden that is filled with colorful flowers. Sit in the garden chairs, relax and breath the fresh air. Your accommodation plan consists of an overnight stay and breakfast in the recently embellished breakfast space. The rooms are modernly designed wherein it features an air conditioning system, private bathroom, refrigerator, hairdryer, and a satellite TV.

Day 12: Exploring the five villages of Cinque Terre - Traditional cuisine tasting

We will commence exploring this awesome region of Italy which provides a couple of centuries-old seaside villages that lines up in the rocky coastline of Italian Riviera that is regard as “Cinque Terrer.” The 5 villages in this place are linked with each other by the cliff-side hiking trail named as the Sentiero Azzuro that provides far-reaching sea views. The picture postcard villages are where you will find colorful houses nestled along with vineyards increasing vines on steep slopes, little harbors packed with fishing boats, and trattorias offering the best of seafood specialties.

Day 13: Como Lake and surrounding

You should be enjoying your breakfast before checking out since we will be heading next to the most widely known lake in Italy considered as Lake Como and you will be having your stay there at a B&B for about 2 nights. Your accommodation is situated on one of Italy’s most exquisite areas which is peaceful yet is just a few minutes off of the well-known resort of Bellagio. The lodging sure is a treasure that is located directly on the lake and has been around since the 1800s even though it may have experienced some redesigns in 2010. This B&B accommodation has a picture-perfect perspective of the Island of Comacina, the popular Villa Balbianello, and a lot of other fantastic villas which consists of the Villa Cassinella and Villa Balbiano. Those who will be staying on the first floor will have an advantage on their own private entrance and well-designed areas that are flourished in a modern look while also maintaining its local inceptions. All spaces are filled with tasteful wooden floors that adds to the romantic atmosphere and provides a gorgeous perspective of the lake. You can enjoy the dazzling sunset over the lake while relaxing on your little balcony with a drink on hand.

Day 14: Villa Olmo - Villa Serbelloni

We will be spending our time around Lake Como wherein it is a location that is widely known among aristocrats and wealthy patrons from the days of old Rome. You don’t need to be part of the elite club to take joy in the social highlights which incorporates many palaces and villas such as Villa Serbelloni, Villa Olmo, and Villa Carlotta. This lake has currently gotten the recognition of many of the world’s widely known people like Ben Spies, Gianni Versace, George Clooney, John Kerry, Julian Lennon, Madonna, and Pierina Legnani where they all have houses placed on the coast. Our tour administrator will certain that you will experience all the top-notch spotlight that the vicinity has to present.

Day 15 & 16: Lake Garda - Sirmione

Early in the morning, we will be moving around to Lake Garda where you will be spending 2 nights in there. In this location, you reach enjoy remaining in the famous center of Sirmione where you will be alleviated to magnificent lake viewpoints. The B&B that you’ll be lodging at is based within the parapets of Sirmione Castle. Surrounded by blue waters of Lake Garda, readied to be adorned and indulged with the highest quality Italian reception and family setting. This is the finest way to venture into Lake Garda and the appropriate location between Venice, Verona, and Brescia, wherein you can take an easy walk into the mesmerizing old town, take one of the various boat trips, or pamper yourself at the hot springs thus making this the best way of exploring the lake. The owner of the B&B Paola will happily recommend you a day trip or short endeavor.

Garda is famous for being the largest lake in Italy. The north of the lake, which is nearbied by the mountains of Gruppo del Baldo, is somewhat narrower than the rest of the lake and the design is regular of a moraine valley. It is thought that the lake was constituted because of a Paleolithic glacier and also although that the actions of the icecap are still evident today, there are even some ideas out there which recommends that the glacier may be in the location of an existing depression that was made by the water disintegration for about 5 to 6 million years back. There are several islands on the lake, merged of huge and modest, where the most extensive is Isola del Garda, the island in which Saint Francis of Assisi founded a monastery. There now stands a 19th hundred years building in the Venetian Gothic in its location and is worthy of your visit. The following day is put in at leisure in Lake Garda, and your tour manager will happily suggest extra activities should wish to do some more exploring.

Day 17: Verona - The Arena - Romeo and Giulietta

Today, we use a full time in one of the most prominent tourist spots of northern Italy, the beautiful town of Verona. This town is boasting with annual fairs, creative heritage, shows, and its world-renowned operas that are being held during the lyrical season within the Arena. Although it is unidentified if William Shakespeare ever explored Verona, three of his plays are set here: Romeo and Juliet, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, and The Taming of the Shrew. The bard has been inviting many tourists to check out Verona over the years and the city was given an award by UNESCO for Planet Heritage Site status a result of its stunning architecture and urban construct.

Day 18: Venice and San Marco Square

Eat some healthy breakfast in Verona before we checkout and proceed to Venice.

It is positioned around San Marco square and you can get there in 20 minutes from the station, the subsequent stop for our B&B tour is being taken care of by the welcoming Alessandro and is loaded with lots of current benefits that are sure to meet your needs. High-quality bed linen and towels, baby bed, reading lamps, double bed, night tables, wardrobe, air conditioning terrific Jacuzzi shower or bath, flat screen TVs, and a phone are all consisted of.

Day 19: More Venice

You will invest the whole day in the gorgeous city of Venice, principal city of the Veneto region, wherein it is filled with appealing history. Venice is placed in the Venetian lagoon’s depthless waters and is on top of a team of 117 small islands that have been differentiated by waterways and canals and connected by bridges. Renowned everywhere for its architecture, artwork and the elegance of its surroundings, the lagoon and parts of the city are detailed as a UNESCO World Heritage places. Venice is also famed as one of the world’s most charming places, and you’ll eventually observe why as you take pleasure in a quiet hike all over the countless small bridges and rivers or tour down the Grand Canal on a gondola. Your tour manager will be happy to supply you with an excellent list of sites and activities to enjoy in this legendary city.

Day 20: Glass maker in Venice - Burano and Murano

If you fancy it, we can visit 2 of Venice’s most exclusive islands: Murano and Burano. Murano is renowned for its glassmaking market, and its origins can be traced back to 1291, when the authorities of the Venetian Republic, worrying fire and elimination of the city’s mostly wooden middle ages buildings, ordered glassmakers to position their forges to Murano. The glassmakers were shortly provided as Venice’s reputable citizens who are enabled to put on swords and benefit from the resistance to prosecution as their offspring marries the most prominent families of the Republic. Even though they are offered to lots of privileges, they are forbidden from leaving the city, but there are still those who risked their lives to do it and migrated to England and the Netherlands where they began forges. Up to this day, the Murano glass remains in sync with the Venetian glass.

Day 21: Republic of San Marino - San Martino

For this day, we will be preceding south again but this time, we will proceed to the east coast. First thing on our checklist is to see the Republic of San Marino where we will be having lunch. San Marino (Leges Statutae Republicae Sancti Marini) is a country in itself, which is regulated depending on the rules described in the Constitution of San Marino (Leges Statutae Republicae Sancti Marini), a collection of six 16th-century books that contain the regulations by which the country’s political system is maintained to this day. San Marino is assumed to have the oldest form of a constitution still in practice. Today, experts think about San Marino’s economy to be one of the most stable and possibly wealthiest in all over the world and the main reasons for that is finance, market, services, and tourism. It has no national debt, low joblessness rate, and even has a budget surplus. Furthermore, it is the only country in the world with additional vehicles than residents.

Shortly after we have lunch in this fascinating city, we will precede on next to Assisi where it will be our property for the next 2 nights. The B&B in which we will be calling home in Assisi is the same as the other accommodations in the tour wherein it is basically attractive and is located somewhere near the historical town center. The rooms in this freshly repaired B&B has free Wi-Fi and a 32″ LCD TV.

Day 22: Assisi - Gubbio

We will spend the complete day in Assisi and Gubbio. Due to its link with the well-known Christian figure of St. Francis, Assisi is now the main venue of many pilgrimages. St. Francis of Assisi built the Franciscan order, and along with St. Catherine of Siena, he is known to be one of Italy’s patron saints. People from all religions always remember St. Francis as a lover of nature and the well-known speech he provided to a flock of birds. In 1997, 2 major quakes trembled Assisi thus letting it endure heavy wrecks. However, extraordinary recovery campaigns have been made and the Basilica di San Francesco was reopened several years soon after the natural disaster took place.

Day 23: Departure to Rome

Once we have checked out from the accommodation, your chauffeur will drive you back to Rome where appropriate goodbyes will be generated.


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